Our new gift catalogue allows you to impact the lives of our youth in ways that mean the most to them. From program specific gifts, such as career coaching and tutoring sessions for our Stay in School residents, to wrap around supports such as counselling sessions and art therapy, you are supporting youth while giving a special gift to a loved one. 

Are these real gifts?
Each item in the YWS gift shop is valued at its real cost and are real items or resources that our youth use in the shelter.

If I don’t want to shop, where can I donate?
You can donate on our main website here: www.yws.on.ca/donate-now

Can I buy more then one gift?
Yes of course! You can purchase as many as you’d like.

Are these gifts available year round?
Yes! You can purchase gifts throughout the year to support our youth.

Can I choose a specific youth to direct my gift?
The money donated from each gift will be put towards the specific program/activity of the gift selected and would be divided equally between the youth at YWS.

When will the paper greeting card be delivered to my recipient?
Your paper card will be mailed within 3-5 business days.

I want to order several cards but I want to mail them myself. 
That's no problem! Just order the gifts under the 'no card' option and then email us at communications@yws.on.ca and we will bulk ship the cards directly to you. 

How do I know what the youth need most?
Featured Gifts are highlighted on the home page for programs with the greatest need throughout the year.

What percentage of my donation actually goes towards the youth?
100% of your donation goes directly to that program/activity, and the youth it supports!

Will I get a tax receipt?
Yes! You will receive a tax receipt shortly after your purchase.

Is HST Included in our gift?
No, HST is not included in your donation amount, as each “gift” is a dollar representation of an amount that will be put towards the items or services mentioned.

Who do I contact with further questions?
You can email our communications team here with any questions you may have. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can!